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CReSt: Wales' first national cancer research strategy

Research and Innovation

Research and innovation are powerful drivers of improvement in services, and we are fortunate in Wales to have excellent ongoing work in this area to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the experiences of people at risk of or who develop cancer.

We are keen to capitalize on this area of strength to bring about real change to the way we work:

  • facilitating collaboration between sectors, to work towards common goals
  • optimising the translation of high quality research and innovation into high quality clinical practice, and 
  • enhancing the outcomes of our service improvement programmes by expanding and effectively using the evidence base, methodologies and expertise of a research approach

The Cancer Delivery Plan highlighted the need for a strategic approach to cancer research. The major initial outcome of the Research and Development Programme is working with partners to facilitate the first national Cancer Research Strategy for Wales (CReSt).

The implementation of the final strategy will direct the Research and Innovation programme over the next years. 

Underpinning this, we are supporting the development of programmatic collaborations across professions and sectors.

We’re working in partnership with patients and the wider public, the Wales Cancer Alliance, Life Sciences Hub Wales, Wales Cancer Research Centre and others, on programmes including:

  • providing a single front door to develop and support partnerships through the foundation of a Wales Cancer Industry Forum
  • developing opportunities for professions that are traditionally less research or innovation-active, to capitalise on the skills  

We want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in research and innovation, turning ideas into high quality evidence and positive changes. 

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please contact