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Genomics, the study of a person’s genetic information, can improve our understanding of why certain people develop diseases such as solid tumours and blood cancers.  Testing for genetic changes within the tumour of individual patients can help in the diagnosis of cancers.  It can also provide crucial information on the suitability, safety and effectiveness of certain systemic anti-cancer drug treatments as well as assessing response to treatment and predicting prognosis. 

Instead of using a ‘one size fits all’ approach to oncology care, genomic testing enables clinical teams to personalise treatment to the individual patient and their unique genetic information - so-called personalised or precision medicine.

The Wales Cancer Network has set up the All Wales Genomics Oncology Group (AWGOG) to facilitate a multidisciplinary and coordinated national approach to the development and implementation of oncology-specific genomic services provided by the All Wales Medical Genomics Service (AWMGS).

The group will work together to mainstream genomics and precision medicine within cancer teams, using a horizon-scanning approach to predict the future requirements of the service.  It will also develop standardised all Wales clinical pathways to enable timely, consistent and equitable patient access to genomic testing. 

Information on All Wales oncology-specific clinical guidance documents and education resources can be found HERE