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Performance and Assurance

Working with Welsh Government, the Performance and Assurance directorate assists NHS Wales organisations to continually improve and sustain their performance against national performance, quality and safety requirements.

Key roles:

  • Quality assurance and performance assistance, through advice, expertise, guidance and fostering collaboration.
  • Data monitoring and analysis, adopting and evidence-based approach to decision-making.
  • Escalation and intervention support, working with partners to enhance performance and delivery.
  • Influencing policy direction with Welsh Government, promoting alignment between policy and NHS Wales priorities.


The Performance and Assurance directorate is a multi-disciplinary team with three core functions:

Operational Delivery - providing performance and assurance oversight, enhancing quality and performance through work with stakeholders.

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities - leading national and local assurance reviews to enhance quality and reduce variation.

Quality Safety Assurance - developing, monitoring and delivering national quality assurance systems and processes.


The Performance and Assurance directorate incorporates the work of the former NHS Wales Delivery Unit. Work in underway to transfer ‘Patient Safety Wales’ content from the NHS Wales Delivery Unit website to the Executive website. Thank you for your patience.