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Information and Intelligence

Our Cancer Information Specialist Team supports NHS Wales’ participation in National Cancer Audits, as well as providing support to health board operational users of the All Wales cancer clinical information system (CaNISC) in the collection, validation and analysis of the data for all newly diagnosed cancer patients.

’Cancer Information and Intelligence: A Digital Health Strategy for Cancer in Wales 2017-20’ sets out the following key priorities: 

•    Cancer Informatics Solution
•    NHS Wales Haematological Malignancy Data Solution 
•    National Cancer Standards for Wales (National Cancer Datasets)
•    National Audits
•    National Oncology E-prescribing Solution
•    National Reporting and Performance Measures

These priorities are being taken forward through workstreams and projects in collaboration between the Wales Cancer Network, NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS), Welsh Government, Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit (WCISU) and Janssen Cilag. 

To ensure a co-ordinated approach, a Cancer Informatics Programme Board, facilitated by NWIS, maintains oversight.