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New roadmap unveiled to boost cancer research for patients across Wales

The first-ever coordinated Cancer Research Strategy for Wales (CReSt), which will bring together the whole research community in the fight against cancer, has been published (July 6th 2022).

The strategy has been developed by Health and Care Research Wales, the Wales Cancer Network and the Wales Cancer Research Centre, as well as groups across Wales who want to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment, including patients, members of the public and cancer researchers. Importantly, it also builds on key strategic advice received from a panel of external experts.

Its delivery will be co-ordinated by the Wales Cancer Research Centre.

The strategy focuses on six priority research themes where there is already a track record of excellence in Wales that can be developed further to be internationally leading:

  • Precision and mechanistic oncology


  • Immuno-oncology


  • Radiotherapy


  • Cancer clinical trials


  • Palliative and supportive oncology


  • Population health-based cancer prevention, early diagnosis, primary care and health services research


Professor Tom Crosby, National Cancer Clinical Director for Wales, said:  “We know that participation in clinical research is one of the best measures of service quality and that patient outcomes are improved in research rich environments. There has never been a more important time to research and innovate, to help reset and redesign a better system of cancer care.”

For more information on CReSt, and plans for taking the strategy forward please visit: