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Our support

Our Quality, Safety and Improvement team offer a range of support to help NHS Wales colleagues to improve quality and safety, this includes:

  • Quality Management Systems – working with leaders to embed an approach that enables NHS Wales organisations to operate with quality at the core and to continuously improve to meet the needs of populations they serve.
  • Improvement Cymru Academy – offering training and resources to help local improvement teams to embed improvement skills across NHS Wales, providing teams with the capability to improve.
  • Q Lab Cymru – encouraging teams across NHS Wales to explore different approaches to complex challenges, using new thinking and evidence-based approaches to achieve improvement.
  • Qi Engage – enhancing improvement efforts with practical tools, guides, and coaching support to help teams engage people in improvement.
  • Qi Data – supporting improvers to measure, learn and evidence their improvements with guides, coaching and tools such as Mesur.
Q Lab Cymru

Q Lab Cymru is an initiative to improve health and care for people in Wales.

Improvement Cymru Academy

Develop your improvement skills and expertise