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Uned Gobaith

Multidisciplinary specialist perinatal mental health care unit

What is the unit?

Uned Gobaith is an acute psychiatric ward providing multi-disciplinary specialist mental health care to women at any stage from 32 weeks pregnant until their babies are one year old.  

It is a regional unit in Tonna, Neath, that serves the population of Wales.

Women admitted to the inpatient unit require specialist assessment and/or treatment of a mental illness that is moderate to severe in nature. Mothers admitted during the postnatal period will be admitted with their infant.

The unit has capacity for six patients and seven infants.

It operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week and has capacity to accept admissions at all times, including weekends in emergency situations.

Who can be referred?

Women in the last trimester of pregnancy or the first nine months following delivery, who are suffering from an acute episode of serious mental illness including:

  • Postpartum psychosis
  • Bipolar affective disorder
  • Schizoaffective disorder and other psychoses
  • Severe depressive illness
  • Other serious/complex conditions
Mothers presenting with these conditions under the age of 18 will only be admitted if there is significant perinatal mental illness and they are likely to be the infant’s principle carer post admission.

The Mother and Baby Unit is suitable for the admission of a mother under the age of 18 but the admission will be managed in collaboration with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and social services.

Mothers with prior history of serious mental illness and/or a high risk of serious mental illness in immediate postpartum period can be admitted by planned admission for the short-term management of relapse risk. 

Mothers referred after nine months postpartum will be considered for admission only if there is clear clinical agreement across the MDT that the objectives of the admission could be achieved prior to child reaching one year of age, and with particular attention paid to considering the risk vs benefit of admission to the child.

Not appropriate for admission
  • Mothers with brain injury or other organic disorder including dementia.
  • Mothers with primary presentation of severe learning disability or substance misuse alone will not be considered appropriate for admission, unless there is an accompanying primary presentation of acute mental illness.
  • Mothers whose mental health needs can be managed within primary care or other community based services in line with NICE guidelines.
  • If there is evidence of serious violence/aggressive behaviour that might pose a risk of harm or injury to others on the ward – particularly that which may pose significant risk of harm to infants on the ward.
Who can refer

Referrals mainly come from the following services:

  • Community Perinatal Mental Health Team
  • Crisis Home Treatment Team
  • Liaison Psychiatry Team
  • Community Mental Health Team

We are aware, however, that the first point of contact for many women who would be appropriate for referral will be their GP or emergency department, so we welcome referrals from these services.

If an admission is not required at that time, we would provide information on appropriate support in the community.

How to refer

For initial advice on a potential referral, you can call Uned Gobaith direct on 01639 862370 or email

Following this step, you will need to complete the referral form below and email to