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Perinatal health survey

The Perinatal Mental Health Network and the Women's Health Implementation Group have partnered on a joint ‘Perinatal Health’ project for NHS Wales.

Our goal is to develop resources for women, their partners, families and other people who provide support where physical and mental health and wellbeing will not be seen in isolation.

Instead our project will offer support via resources and a subsequent campaign, which will give women and their families in Wales the ability to monitor and safeguard their own health and wellbeing during the perinatal period.

Through a life course approach, we aim to raise health awareness across the population, with a focus on conservative management, self-care and care closer to home, striving for prevention and avoiding harm wherever possible.
The project is starting with listening to the views of the people of Wales. Through the insights gathered, evidenced-based resources will be created by the behavioural change organisation we have commissioned to deliver this project with us: Social Change UK. 
We are asking people across Wales to share their views, experiences and thoughts about perinatal health with us via two distinct surveys which include physical and mental health questions, as well as targeting women who may become pregnant, are currently pregnant or have previously been pregnant.

No-one’s perspectives are being excluded; we want to hear from women and their partners, families and other people who support them through this time. 
By working in partnership we hope that  we can strengthen the impact and value across Wales and lead to better outcomes for families throughout the perinatal period.

Below are links to the two surveys.

My Perinatal Experience 
For women who have gone/could go through the perinatal period (pregnancy, birth and up till the baby is one year old)
Perinatal experience for partners, family members or friends
For those supporting women through the perinatal period