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The Circuit

The Circuit is the national defibrillator network database which provides an overview to the Welsh Ambulance Service 999 emergency system. The database details where defibrillators are located and if they are ready for an emergency. Registering a defibrillator on The Circuit is FREE. 

How does The Circuit work?

When someone has a cardiac arrest, the clock starts ticking. Every minute without CPR and defibrillation will reduce their chance of survival. 

Many community defibrillators are never used because the Welsh Ambulance Service 999 emergency system doesn’t know where they are or how to access them. 

When a defibrillator is registered on The Circuit, the location, whether available for use and the cabinet key code are instantly synchronised with the 999 emergency system.  This makes sure that the most up to date information is available. 

Why should you register your defibrillator on The Circuit?

•    A registered defibrillator on The Circuit could make the difference between life and death.
•    If your defibrillator is not registered, the 999-emergency call-taker will not know if a defibrillator is close-by and available for an emergency. 
•    Every defibrillator needs a guardian, like you, to look after it and to make sure it is registered and ready to save a life.
•    There is a direct link between the Welsh Ambulance Service 999 emergency system and The Circuit. Every time a defibrillator is used for a 999 call, The Circuit will automatically update you as the guardian by e-mail and will ask you to check the defibrillator.  

If your defibrillator is registered with an organisation or charity, then it must also be registered on The Circuit.  This is the only way that the 999 call-taker can direct someone to a defibrillator. 

To register your defibrillator, visit

What to do with a public access defibrillator that has been brought to the scene of an emergency? 

After an incident, a community defibrillator should be returned to its cabinet or registered site, but this is not always possible. If you find yourself responsible for the return of a community defibrillator, but are unsure where it came from, please e-mail  who can assist with the return of the device to its correct location. With your help we can make sure that every defibrillator taken to an incident is available and rescue ready for the next emergency.