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Our objectives

1. Raise awareness of out of hospital cardiac arrests
2. Increase the rate of bystander CPR by:
  • Equipping people with CPR skills
  • Increasing the availability of CPR training 
  • Increasing the number of people able to receive and access CPR training
  • Agreeing a standard practice for CPR training across Wales
3. Increase public awareness of and use of defibrillators by:
  • Improving familiarity with defibrillators
  • Finding and filling gaps in defibrillator locations
  • Putting in place effective arrangements with an all Wales protocol to ensure that defibrillators are maintained long term and after use, and accessible to the public
4. Reduce the variation in survival rate after a cardiac arrest in the community 
5. Increase the awareness of the GoodSAM App and offer and have opportunities to sign up as a First Responder