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Meeting the needs of people affected by cancer and 'Cancer Key Worker' survey

This survey is being conducted by the Wales Cancer Network, which is part of the NHS Executive for Wales, hosted by Public Health Wales.

We are seeking the views of people that have been affected by cancer and their carers, in Wales. Your views will help us understand the ways in which we can improve meeting the needs of people affected by cancer, and help us to shape the role of the cancer key worker in Wales for the future.

All responses to this questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential and we will not be asking for any information that could identify you. When we use the words “needs and concerns”, this could include: Physical concerns e.g., pain, tiredness, bowel or bladder problems. Emotional concerns e.g., fear o cancer coming back or the effect of cancer on your relationship. Practical concerns e.g., managing housework or driving. Financial concerns e.g., worried about paying bills. Spiritual needs e.g., faith and spirituality. The concerns we have listed above are only a guide. Not everything listed here will apply to you, e.g., you may have had other concerns that are not listed. When we use the term Key Worker we are referring to a person who you can contact and who takes a key role in co-ordinating your care, providing you with information and advice throughout your cancer experience e.g., nurse, support worker, dietitian, or speech and language therapist.

Your answers are anonymous, and we will use, manage, and store all data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 currently used in the UK. No personal identifiable data is being collected for the purposes of this survey.

Thank you for giving your time to take part, we really value your views and comments. Privacy Notice:�site/privacy-notice/

To access the survey click here.