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Developing an integrated mental health outcomes framework


The Mental Health Network is currently working on behalf of the Welsh Government to improve the quality and provision of mental health services in Wales. 

This involves developing an integrated outcomes framework, aligned to the Welsh Government’s ‘Together for Mental Health’ strategy.

The framework will identify the key outcomes for mental health improvement for all ages - what good mental health and service provision 'look like' - and specify activities that can help achieve these outcomes.  

We are taking a collaborative approach, working with people who use or might use mental health services, families, carers to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of the wider community.

How you can get involved

A key part of this work is a study being carried out by South Wales University to gather perspectives from people who use and provide mental health services in Wales on what the framework needs to include. 

We are very keen that a broad range of views and experiences are represented. The study will be a critical part of identifying and agreeing the local and national outcomes and measures needed to improve mental health services in Wales.

The short video below explains what taking part in the study entails and how the information will be collated and used.

Please email to sign up to take part in the study. 
For further information about the Mental Health Outcomes and Measures Board, please contact   
Key points
  • Total time to complete the study should be less than an hour
  • You can use your phone, tablet or computer to take part
  • Once you have started, you can return to the exercise as many times as you like
  • You will be informed each time a stage is completed.