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Goal 2: Signposting people with urgent care needs to the right place, first time

People can access a 24/7 urgent care service via NHS 111 Wales, providing advice online or on the phone and where necessary, are signposted / referred to the right community or hospital-based service, first time.

Service users are involved in shared-decision making and experience coordinated care with clear and accurate exchange of patient-level information between relevant health and social care professionals.

Quality Statement:

  • People who require urgent care are supported to understand the value of seeking advice through the NHS 111 Wales website or telephony service, receiving a highly responsive service that delivers care as close to home as possible, minimising disruption and inconvenience. 
  • Those who have an urgent health and wellbeing issue that may result in significant or permanent harm if not assessed or treated within the next eight hours, are supported to achieve optimal experience and outcome through urgent primary care services. This will include:
    • an initial phone consultation through 111
    • signposting to a same day or out-of-hours primary care appointment; or pharmacy, dental or optometry advice
    • direct connection to mental health advice
    • signposting / referral to an urgent primary care centre; and/or
    • signposting / scheduling to an arrival time slot at a minor injuries unit or Emergency Department
  • Health and care staff have access to a ‘directory of services’ holding comprehensive, accurate and contemporaneous information to signpost or refer people to the right place, first time based on their individual need.

To read more about Goal 2 including initial priorities, how health and social care systems will be supported to achieve this goal and how success will be measured, please refer to the Six Goals for Urgent and Emergency Care Policy Handbook.

Goal 2 Lead: Alex Gibbins -