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Quality Statement for Maternity and Neonatal Care Service User Survey

The Welsh Government firmly believes that the people of Wales should receive good quality, safe care from NHS Wales that is built around their individual needs. To help achieve this, ‘quality statements’ are being developed to set clear expectations about how that care should be provided.

A quality statement is being developed for maternity and neonatal care in Wales to create a picture of ‘what good looks like’. This will be supported by detailed information for NHS Wales about how to organise maternity and neonatal services to help achieve this standard and make sure that services meet the needs of families.

To help develop the quality statement, we would like to hear from people about what they feel good care looks like. A short survey has been developed which can be completed if you would like to share your views. It should take roughly 10 minutes to complete. The questions have been written with women in mind, but we would also welcome responses from partners and other relatives.

We are also looking to improve how families in Wales can share feedback about their maternity and neonatal care, and make sure that health boards use this information to improve services. A set of questions has been included to hear your views about how family engagement processes can be improved. 

If you have questions or concerns about care you received in the past or are receiving now, please contact the health board for your area so they can help.

The Maternity and Neonatal Strategic Network will gather and analyse all information received. The themes identified to support the quality statement will be shared with Welsh Government but will not contain identifiable information.

Complete the survey.